• Compassion Partners. This Disney program provides children and adults free passes to several theme parks in Florida, including Disney theme parks, Sea World, Universal Studios Orlando, and Busch Gardens. Passes are available by calling 407-396-6065 or 407-828-2298.
  • Deliver the Dream. This organization provides families living with an advanced illness, whether the illness involves a child or a parent the chance to relax, enjoy time together, and forge bonds with others during a three-day retreat. Health care providers or one of Deliver the Dream’s partnering organizations are responsible for recruiting the family for participation.
  • Dream Foundation. The Dream Foundation fulfills the wishes of adults suffering from advanced illnesses. The foundation seeks to help adults find peace and closure with the realization of a final wish. Dream Foundation grants requests to adults older than 18 years old whose life expectancy, confirmed by their physicians, is one year or less. They must also confirm that they have limited resources.  621 Chapala St.Suite D, Santa Barbara , CA 93101-7011 Phone: 805-564-2131 Fax: 805-564-7002
  • Fairygodmother Foundation, 2020 Lincoln Park West, Suite 37 E, Chicago , IL 60614 Phone: 773-388-1160 Fax: 773-388-1297
  • Making Memories Breast Cancer Foundation. Making Memories grants wishes for patients with metastatic breast cancer, while raising awareness about the disease. People with advanced breast cancer or their friends and family members can submit wish requests.
  • Never Too Late. This organization helps make wishes and dreams come true for people age 65 and older with advanced illness, aiming to honor the lives they have lived. The organization requests some financial support from family members to fulfill wish requests.
  • Reeling and Healing Midwest. Reeling and Healing Midwest offers fly-fishing wellness retreats for men and women with cancer. The organization seeks to help renew participants’ spirits and hopes through fly-fishing, nature, peer coaching, and peer bonding. People older than age18 are eligible to apply and are responsible for paying a registration fee and a daily fee.
  • Second Wind Dreams. This international fulfillment organization works to enhance the life of those living in elder care communities—such as nursing, assisted living, and hospice facilities €”by granting wishes. The organization grants relationship-based dreams, needs-based dreams, lifelong dreams, and “I don’t want to grow up” dreams, among others.
  • United Special Sportsman Alliance. This wish-granting organization specializes in providing children and adults with disabilities or advanced illness an outdoor adventure of their dreams. Trips include hunting, fishing, water sports, and other activities. 7864 Shotwell Rd, Pittsville , WI 54466 Phone: 715-884-2256, 800-518-8019 Fax: 715-884-7388
  • The Warrior’s Wish Foundation. This charity grants wishes for U.S. military veterans with advanced illness and their families. Gifts range from hearing aids and scooter chairs to family vacations and trips to attend reunions. The application requires a current photograph, a description of the wish, and an explanation of why it’s meaningful.

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