Dani’s Foundation Lends Financial Support to Pediatric Sarcoma Patients

From http://danisfoundation.org/patient-assistance-grant-guidelines-application/

The problem to be addressed is the lack of financial resources available to the pediatric sarcoma population.  Due to the current economy, the limited and/or lack of medical benefits of those patients in need, and the cut-backs and/or the elimination of social and non profit programs, many patients and their families are left without financial assistance opportunities when they are most in need of support.

Dani’s Foundation is working to offer hope – in the form of financial grants – to assist those patients/families, who are most in need of support, so that they may spend the majority of their energies on battling pediatric cancer vs. worrying about paying outstanding bills.

As of March 2011, The Dani’s Foundation patient assistance grant fund will provide immediate financial assistance to pediatric sarcoma patients and their families who have short-term financial needs that cannot be met by their income and/or other public or private programs.  We believe that even a small amount of assistance, carefully used, can have an important effect on someone’s life and help to lessen the burden when dealing with a pediatric cancer diagnosis.  It is our intent to contribute to the ultimate well being of the child and his or her family so each person can turn their energies into battling the disease and focusing on survival.

The Dani’s Foundation patient assistance grant program will provide once per year financial payment (up to $500/patient/year) paid directly to the patient’s vendor for such outstanding bills as  medically related travel (to get to and from doctor and or hospital visits); emergency lodging (for the parents or other siblings while the child is being treated at the hospital); and other basic needs including rent, mortgage and utility assistance, daycare and other items that are needed for the basic health and well being of the patient and/or family.

Per our program’s guidelines and application process, we will work with doctor/hospital social workers and our own committee of volunteer professionals to insure that all grant requests are valid and truly based on financial need.  Once approved, payments will be made directly to patient vendors.  No funds will be given directly to any patient and/or parent or guardian.

To access a copy of our guidelines and application for assistance CLICK HERE