Children Give Message of Hope to Cancer Patients


Some 70 to 80 children, who were successfully treated at the Children Cancer Hospital (CCH), lit oil lamps in front of the hospital on Saturday to disseminate the message that childhood cancer is curable if detected early and treated properly.

The ceremony was held to mark the World Children Cancer Day, falling on February 15, which is celebrated globally to highlight the problems of childhood cancer and create awareness about the disease which is curable.

The children, who lit oil lamps in front of the Children Cancer Hospital, were those who had undergone treatment after they were brought at CCH with various types of cancer and were successfully treated and now living healthy lives.

Among them is Rasheed, a married person with two kids and who is a tailor by profession. He underwent successful treatment at CCH when he was just 15 after being diagnosed with childhood cancer.

“I have come here to show my support to the children and their parents, who are fighting the disease and to tell them that this disease can be defeated,” he informed.

He said he was married and had two kids and now he did not have any sign of the deadly disease like cancer while his children were also healthy.

Several other children, who were diagnosed with cancer at various stages of their lives, were among those who lit the lamps and gave the message of hope to those suffering from childhood cancer.

Speaking on the occasion, Chief Executive Officer of CCH Dr. Shamvil Ashraf said that their lamp-lighting ceremony was titled: “Umeed Kay Diye Jalao”, which means that parents of children with cancers should keep their hopes alive for the recovery of their children.

“Cancer in children is curable if diagnosed early and treated at proper facilities. What required in this regard is dissemination of information and awareness that cancer can successfully be defeated,” he said.

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